Saturday, February 25, 2017

Cycled Mass and Strength Building - Low Volume Version

This is a layout that uses four sets per exercise. It goes from a top set of 6 reps, over time, to a top set of 2. There is also a 'pump set' included after the top set. Work the work set AND the pump set hard.

Follow each of the three layouts for three weeks each.

The top set is the only real change (other than the weights used).
The exercises should remain constant.

You will be training four times per week, using two different sets of exercises.


Two Squat variations.
Two Hamstring exercises.
Two Upper Back exercises.
One Lower Back exercise.


Two Chest exercises
Two Shoulder exercises
Two Triceps exercises
Two Biceps exercises

Calves and Abs not listed. You know what works for you. 

First Rep Scheme:
10 (warmup)
8 (one rep left in the tank)
6 (hard work set)
15 (hard pump set)

Six Weeks Later - Second Rep Scheme:
10 (warmup)
6 (one rep left)
4 (hard work set)
15 (hard pump set)

Six Weeks Later - Third Rep Scheme:
10 (warmup)
5 (one rep left)
2 (hard work set)
15 (hard pump set)

The work set AND the pump set should be worked very hard.
Take breaths between the later reps of the pump sets in order to use bigger weights.
You might need more warmups. You know that works for you.

Use the 'big' movements for each body part group.
Squats, Presses, Barbell Curls, Deadlifts, Hi Pulls, Rows, etc.

Very straightforward. One hard work set and one hard pump set with basic exercises
gradually cycling to 2-rep work sets. 


Adam S said...

This is a great layout. Simplicity itself. I might be inclined to make it even simpler by cutting the arm exercises from two to one, and maybe even doing just one direct exercise for the hamstrings, which can get plenty of stimulation from squats and leg presses (especially with the feet positioned high). Awesome. Did you write this one? Whoever did, it's a thing of beauty.

giveitaname said...

It's mine, and glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

Do you follow each rep scheme for 3 weeks or 6 weeks? Intro says 3 weeks, but then you say "six weeks later" when describing the rep scheme.

giveitaname said...

Three weeks each. My mistake. But you might find it works better for you with a two week length, or a four, five or six week period for each. Of, you might find that you have to shorten the last rep setting down to two weeks but can use the first two for four weeks each.

You'll figure out what works for you at different times in your life. I know you will!

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